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Managed Billing Cycle

Why hire our billing team?

We offer the most professional team in the business to manage your full-service billing processes at a lower cost than hiring your own staff.

Let Jonas Fitness handle that workload AND save you money in the process:

  • Complete billing and member services solution for health club owners
  • Outsource your billing without losing control
  • Maximize collectibility
  • Member Services
  • Data management and reporting

Full Service Billing

For the most comprehensive and complete level of service- look no further than our professional Managed Billing Services (MBS) team. Let us handle all activities related to your billing and accounts receivables. Your data is input at the club level, and submitted electronically, where our dedicated account team then takes over.

And in keeping in line with always saving you time and money - we monitor trends in data entry errors, escalate that to you and suggest a corrective course of action.

In addition we:
  • Perform ongoing maintenance and billing
  • Handle ad hoc requests as assigned
  • Reviews your client database for constancy

The Jonas Fitness collections team can increase your collections rate to 97%!

Call Center Services

Want to partner with the most experienced call center technicians in the health and fitness industry? Let us run your call center to take payments, handle billing questions or assist with any other inquires a member may have.

And our professional staff will serve as YOUR employee to assist in answering members questions relating to:

  • Billing issues
  • Membership information updating
  • Membership contracts
  • General membership inquiries

Let us reduce the risks associated with employing highly trained staff. Want to learn more about our Call Center Services? Get a live look now...

On average we place over 20,000 successful auto dialer call per month

Collections handled by Jonas Fitness

Most club owners wish when their clients were billed it was simple and easy to always get paid - but the reality is it can be a challenge to collect your membership dues. But with Jonas Fitness even when there are issues or delays, we handle the problems, follow up on the payments, and get YOU paid fast and simple- and you are never burdened in the process!

We also know the average collection rate most owners see when handling collection on their own is about 75%. With Jonas we can reduce your collections cost and increase your collection rate to over 97%!

We have a unique way to handling collections by leverage technology and taking advantage of innovative approaches that allow us to do the heavy lifting for you.

We do know you want to get paid without harassing your members- start the conversation now and immediately start increasing your collection rate!

Samples of the progressive industry tools we leverage:

  • Auto Dialer
  • Account Updater
  • Email Blasts
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