Compete® from Jonas Fitness

  • Front Desk

    • Intuitive, fully touchscreen-capable web-based system with large guided buttons
    • Designed for ease-of-use and maximum visibility of all features
    • Minimal training time required for front desk personnel
    • Supports a wide range of connected hardware peripherals (bar code reader, cash drawer, receipt printer, fingerprint scanner, door access, POS pole, camera, etc.)
    • Roles-based security allows access by users to only authorized functions
    • Club-specific employee roles can control data access
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  • Check-In

    • Quickly check-in a member or family (attended, unattended, or monitored)
    • Check-in alerts - provide staff with key member information like a past due balance, etc.
    • Nursery check-in
    • Add a guest or prospect
    • Enroll a member in a class
    • View appointments
    • Clock an employee in or out
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  • Point Of Sale

    • Sell a product, service or class
    • Unlimited customization of product categories and product buttons for quick transactions
    • Discounts and multiple payment methods
    • Multiple forms of payment
    • Real-time credit card authorization
    • Sell and redeem gift cards
    • Search by product bar code or description
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  • Agreements

    • Fully electronic member agreements
    • Multiple contract templates per plan
    • Multiple services per agreement
    • Pricing at individual club level
    • Electronic signature capture – agreements cannot be modified during or after signing
    • On-line agreements (see Join On-line descriptions below)
    • Agreement add-on, rewrite and renewal capability
    • Primary agreement designator for membership contract identification
    • Automatic start/stop selling dates
    • Multiple electronic service agreements such as club membership contract, personal training, locker and towel service agreements
    • Flexibility in billing cycles per agreement
    • Support recurring fees at billing cycles offset from normal dues cycle
    • Seamless integration of individual member records
    • Multiple forms of payment per agreement
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  • Bookings

    • Schedule classes, courses or appointments
    • Fully integrated with front desk check-in, POS as well as back office accounting and reports
    • Outlook-style calendar interface
    • Integration of classes to prevent double booking of shared resources
    • Facilities management
    • Multiple member and group appointments
    • Manage standby list for overbooked classes or courses
    • Supports cancellation and no-show fees
    • Club configured restrictions based on time, capacity, resources, etc
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  • Nursery Monitor

    • Multiple child electronic check-in
    • Guardian/child relationship data
    • Child identification tags with critical information
    • Real-time attendance updates
    • Monitor multiple nursery locations simultaneously
    • Comprehensive reports detailing member lists and usage reports
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  • Locker Management

    • Individual and bulk management of lockers
    • Assign, change and release lockers
    • One-time or recurring locker payments
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  • Employee Time clock

    • Schedule classes, courses or appointments
    • Employee hours tracking
    • Manager record override capability
    • Reports for payroll processing or employee audits
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  • Sales Prospecting

    • Track guests and prospects
    • Set action-items and follow-up dates
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  • Collections

    • Monitor the collections process closely
    • Track success of collections operations
    • Post payments
    • Real-time member account updates
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  • Back Office

    • Configure and manage multiple clubs from a single application
    • Fully integrated with Front Desk data
    • Club-specific employee roles control data access
    • Create club groups for use when assigning roles
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  • Billing

    • Multiple forms of payment per member
    • Flexible billing schedule
    • Bi-weekly billing
    • Billing freeze by form of payment
    • Integration with Electronic Payment Solutions
    • Multiple paper statement formats
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  • Commissions

    • Tiered commission amounts or percentages based on sales amount or quantity of sales
    • Reports on commissions by salesperson
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  • Reporting

    • Over 300 reports, each with multiple sort/select criteria, to monitor club performance
    • Identify trends that impact club usage and profitability
    • Exportable to Microsoft Excel or Adobe PDF
    • Access logs provide an audit trail of sensitive information
    • Ad hoc report module for custom data reporting
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  • Data Integration

    • Ability to interface with numerous general ledger accounting packages
    • Member data file export tools
    • Detailed API / web service interface exposes a variety of member data, allowing integration between 3rd party software platforms as well as a club’s own custom in-house systems
    • Current Compete API/Web-Service integration with popular 3rd party systems
  • Executive Dashboard

    • View executive level data at a glance
    • High level real-time view of key performance indicators (KPI's) such as agreements sold by salesperson, top 10 sales by product, check-ins by hour or month, and many more
    • Included as part of the Complete Employee-Self-Service (ESS) module
    • Configurable by user so individual can decide which KPI's to display
    • Designed for optimal usability on all mobile devices and tablets
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